Friday, June 3, 2016




How I wish my heart stopped shouting
How I wish It would agree
With the things my mind is planning
With my hopes and with my dreams
For I can only feel the silence
When I'm lying in your arms
Only you can find the balance
Only you have got those charms

You, you’re the one I want
You, you’re the one I need
You, my shelter in the storm
You, there to guide me home

Take my hand and show me heaven
Smile and be the guiding light
Be the angel, be the woman
Let your love shine bright each night
I have dropped all my defenses
Shown you what my heart is like
Take control over my senses
Be my angel, be my light


I close my eyes and see our future
Hope I can repay your love
You’re the one I always needed
Always shining from above
You were my water in the desert
You were my beacon in the dark
You were there to make it better
You were there to heal my heart