Friday, June 3, 2016

ARISTOPATHS - The Way Back Home



Now I've been driving on these roads for far too long
To know what's going on
With you
And I've been out there in the wind for far too long
To know my way back home
To you

I seem to remember the days when we used to have it all
And time was on our side and every day was good
You used to laugh and smile and tell me secrets with your eyes
And we would think that we were doing all we should
I never knew the day would come when all I’d want
Would be a word from you
I never thought I’d miss the way you saw beyond
My broken heart and knew


Still, there’s a part of me that won’t let go and stayed with you
Reminding me that you’re the only one who knew
The way to get me to slow down and change my view
To make me trust and love and let you through
Now days are dark without you and the nights so cold
And I have sold my soul
Just to forget the pain of knowing that not long ago
I was the one you loved