Friday, June 3, 2016

ARISTOPATHS - Tame Your Dragons


Tame Your Dragons ARISTOPATHS

Hear them, feel them
Lurking, in the shadows
Always with you everywhere
See them, fear them
You dragons taking over
Always feeding on your doubt
Every time you turn away from who you wanna be
The grow mighty and strong and you wanna break free
So sharpen your swords, stay true to yourself
Call them out and give them hell

Tame your dragons
Face your fears
Climb your mountains
Find your bliss

Hidden, in shadows
Waiting, for hesitation
Always ready to appear
Breathing the fire
Of hatred and suspicion
Your dragons are feeding on your fear
Every time you lose your hope in all that you could be
They get out of the dark and stretch their wings
So raise your shield and spirit high
Call them out and show you’re ready to fight


Hear them, feel them
Lurking, in the shadows