Thursday, June 2, 2016

ARISTOPATHS - Race of Life



Turn the key and hear it roar
It’s the engine of your soul
Push the pedal to the ground
Get up to the speed of sound
Headlights shining bright and white
On the highway through the night
Wheels are smoking through the street
A thousand horses at your feet

Drive through the roadblocks ahead
Get behind the wheel of live and take the turns you dread
Race to the horizon of your mind
Don’t give up! Never stop! Leave the night behind

Your vision’s fire engine red
Black riders storming through your head
Your engine sounds like thunder-strikes
You’ve got the lightning in your eyes
Exhaust is blowing hurricanes
Your seat belt keeps you in your place
Rearview mirror’s of made of ice
Can’t see the past, you paid the price


At every turn your tires scream
Decisions taken stay within
Keep Driving on, accelerate!
Shift the gears don’t hesitate
Vibrations make you feel the speed
This crazy ride is all need
The finish line is getting close
You made it on the path you choose