Friday, June 3, 2016




After dark I get to feel that I’m alive
In the night all of my angels shine;
When you sleep I walk through the silent streets
Wings of song take me towards my dreams

The moon so bright, lighting up every step I take
Silver rays of light make me feel I’m awake
And every star on my sky is a forgotten kiss
A sweet embrace to show me there’s hope for peace

The night keeps me safe and sound
The night helps me stand my ground
The night watches over me
The night - my serenity

After sunset my dreams all come to be
The reason I feel so strong, my new reality
The sound of the night takes over and there’s no more pain
All that was every bad gets lost in the rain


Tough it’s dark the lights of faith are lifting me up
And the melody of a thousand dreams is all around
The moon is there to guide me on these paths I used to fear
To show me the way, to pick me up, to make me see it clear