Friday, June 3, 2016




Get down with the sound of music
Let it take control
Let the rhythm take you over
Hear the beat unfold
Live today, forget tomorrow
There's no need to hide
Lead the way and I will follow
Time is on our side

So Dance! Let's dance!
All our troubles away!
I said, dance! Let's dance!
To a better day

Feel the vibes and move your body
To the morning light
Put your hands out grab somebody
Keep dancing through the night
You know your future starts today and
You can reach the sky
Take a chance and be a dreamer
Spread your wings and fly


People jumping all around you
In the dancing lights
Electrifying looks are staring
Right into your eyes
Don’t be shy, come on now show me
That you’ve got the moves
Your heart is beating to the rhythm
Be it rock or blues